Thursday, January 28, 2010

Repo issues...

So progressing with the work on the repository, I have fixed (or believe I have fixed) the issue with the repo name and release name being different.

I have changed the release name to be DXR instead of DXR-release to match the repo directory name which is DXR.

However, as for the broken repo when trying to run yumdownloader (example: yumdownloader --source viewsource) I am still running into issues.

I will be asking Prof. Tyler for some advice and assistance. I also think I need to re-organize all the stuff in the repo directory (there's stuff all over the place lol).

Jonathan Deni and I have also gotten together to work out some of these issues we're having however we are completely stumped with the permission problem for viewsource.

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  1. Hi Alex -- You need some links, man! Where's your repo config RPM?