Tuesday, March 2, 2010

JShydra Packaging cont.. Stage 1 complete.

This blog is a direct continuation to my last blog post "Packaging JShydra - Stage 1".

I left off with a problem within the %setup section of my spec file. The issue was that the %setup -n option had to be used for this macro. Instead of %setup -q I changed it to %setup -n jshydra.

For more info on the %setup macro, click here.

With that fixed, the next issue was: http://pastebin.org/100301

This problem was due to the fact that there is no makefile and therefore for I had to specify where the build should happen.

I edited the %install section to look like this: %install rm -rf %{buildroot} install -d %{buildroot}/var/www/html/jshydra

I ran the rpmbuild again and well, success! After running rpmlint, everything seems to be going alright.

Here are the results of rpmlint:

Click here for my SPEC file!

Next up... MOCK!

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