Monday, April 5, 2010

Preparing for the SheevaPlug

So, I know, I know, everyone misses my fantastic blog posts (lol) It has been a while but I've got myself another task.

The task is related to the ARM project and the SBR600 class and the objective is to get Fedora 12 installed on a SheevaPlug device. Although the device had just arrived today, I was unable to actually go and get it. HOWEVER, I decided to do some research and get some information for when I actually do have the device.

First off you may be thinking, what the heck is a SheevaPlug? Good question, I was thinking the same thing at first. After a quick google search, the answer to this question was answered! The SheevaPlug is one of the first "Plug computers". It gives the phrase "Plug and Play" a whole new more literal meaning! And fcourse, it has an ARM CPU (hence why it's related to the SBR600 ARM project)

For more info about the actual device click here.

According to the information I found it seems that the SheevaPlug comes loaded with a Ubuntu build. (That's soon going to change!) I have found a web page that explains a 10-step process of installing Fedora 12 on a SheevaPlug (a little too good to be true I think, but I guess I'll soon find out).

SheevaPlug....HERE I COME!

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