Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Connecting to the SheevaPlug using Windows 7

I got my hands on the much anticipated SheevaPlug today! Nothing better than opening up a new toy.

Tiny little bugger... I am still quite impressed on how small this device is. Fan-less design and low consumption... Ah yes, I can see David Suzuki smiling to the thought of a "Green" computer.

Accessing the device in Windows 7

Step 1: Connect the device using the mini USB -> USB cable.

Step 2: Chances are Windows will struggle to find drivers for the device so just use the SheevaPlug_Host_SWsupportPackageWindowsHost.zip file that is included in the DevKit CD. Unzip it and use Device Manager to browse for the TeraTerm Drivers (located as a sub directory in the zip file you just extracted).

Step 3: Windows will find 2 devices (USB Converter A and B) A = JTAG port B = serial port. We want to connect to the serial port.

Step 4: Click on Port B, select properties and in the Advance tab ensure LOAD VCP is selected.

Step 5: Unplug the device, and plug it back in.

Step 6: Using PuTTY, connect to the COM port of "PORT B" and make sure the SPEED is set to 115200.

Step 7: You might need to press ENTER once or twice to get the prompt to actually show (sounds silly but it took me a while to figure that out lol).

Step 8: Login using the default authentication information (username = root ) (password = nosoup4u) (For you SEINFELD fans out there, this is a great password lol)

Other sources for Connecting to SheevaPlug:
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I would have connected the device to my Linux box today but just like me, it seems the machine is feeling a little under the weather. I am going to do some troubleshooting so I can start the Fedora 12 installation on the SD card for the SheevaPlug.

I will keep everyone posted!

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